Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Netflix Continues Its Expansion

News out of the CES is that Netflix is now available as a subscription service in 130 more countries.  And while China is not yet one of those international sites, no doubt they are on the radar.  But what is making Netflix a bigger competitive threat is that much more programming buzz is coming from the service.  The latest release is a 10 part documentary called "The Making Of A Murderer", a Serial like analysis of the penal system in a smaller town and an innocent man unable to find his freedom for 18 years.  And in a follow up twist, newly released, found guilt of murder.

Of course if lighter fare is more to your liking, Netflix has that too.  This December, they presented A Very Murray Christmas starring Bill Murray.  A holiday treat sure to make you smile.  It is this assortment of original programming along with movies and TV series that have made Netflix a must have OTT video subscription service.  It may also become enough of a rationale to lead to full on cord cutting.  With a something for everyone approach and a wide array of choices, Netflix and its expansion continues to dominate the media landscape. 

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