Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Hack Job

First Sony was hacked and now it's Sega's turn. "Almost all data for 1.29 million users was accessed -- usernames, real names, birth dates, passwords, and email addresses. But curiously, credit card and debit card information remains untouched, says Sega." It seems that hackers are going after all types of companies that are digitally storing users' personal information. Where once you had to be careful that your wallet wasn't stolen, now there seems little we can do to protect ourselves from identity theft, stolen bank and credit card info, and other personal information.

And yet, we seem to be calm about this, until of course we are personally affected and fighting to keep our hard earned monies and good name. Every security effort seems to only raise the stakes and interest higher by hackers intent to prove that they are the best. Whether for sport or for criminal gain, it seems unlikely that hacking will ever end. As long as we are "on the grid", we remain at risk.