Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Money's In Video Games

Of the must haves this year, my son's desire to get Grand Theft Auto V the day it was released ranked pretty high.  He was not alone.  In just its first day, sales of the videogame brought in over 800 million dollars. "At about $60 a pop, that translates to more than 13 million units. It is the highest first-day retail sales in the company's history and the GTA series, which had sold 125 million units before this release. "  Few theatrical films bring in that kind of money and certainly with more marketing dollars thrown at it then any game would need to do.  Gamers know when the next release of games occur.  Social media and visits to Game Stop are sure to remind them when to pre-order their next game. 

True, not every game released makes this kind of return; but, given the intricacies of the game playing, I am surprised that a companion video series hasn't being released at the same time. Certainly there is wide spread appeal for this franchise, numbers that at movie or TV studio would be dying to match.  Congrats.