Friday, March 28, 2008

Social Nets as your Address Book

I have come to find myself relying on my online social nets as my address book. Someone has a birthday - Plaxo and Facebook remind me and I click from the site to send them a message or write on their wall to wish them well. If Linked In reports a change to a job, new title or new company, a quick click lets me acknowledge their success. I know longer have to remember special events, these sites prompt me in advance to take action if I choose.

And while it is nice that birthday wishes are being spread around, the level of information being shared could become a slippery slope. Should I put my personal activities on a social calendar only to have others hope that I have a successful root canal or fun manning the snack bar at the local little league game. How much sharing should be allowed. What is private anymore.

The article attached talks about Business Week's partnership with linked In that allows users to access contact and company information and find people they know via LinkedIn connections. As a networking tool, it provides great information and opportunity. With regard to privacy, we are all an open book.