Monday, December 9, 2013

Apple Invades China

Despite some concerns that Apple didn't build a cheap enough iPhone, come this Thursday, "China Mobile, the largest wireless carrier in the world, will start taking pre-orders for Apple's iPhone".  And yet the expectations are running high that the iPhone will quickly gain significant market share.  Perhaps staying as a premier brand with a high price point along with the recent release of its iPhone 5s, with a gold back, China might just fall in love with the iPhone just as the US and other markets do. 

Of course, once China Mobile has the iPhone then so do consumers gain access to the iTunes library and the opportunity to buy apps, music and movies.  And for me gaining more users into the Apple infrastructure means access to more of Apple's products including iPads, Apple TV and more.  The China Mobile launch is certainly a big deal.

Time Warner Cable, For Sale Or Not

The year is close to ending and the M&A guys would love to announce one more deal before the end of the calendar year, but Time Warner Cable, may be playing a game of will they or won't they.  According to future CEO, current COO, Rob Marcus, denied the Bloomberg report that he was willing to sell at the right price but was in fact in it "for the long haul".  Of course despite the will they or won't they thinking, Charter has expressed interest and Comcast may be talking to its bankers as well.  Given the push toward broadband and the need for more efficiency by the cable operator to expand, Time Warner Cable may be in fact negotiating how such an acquisition could take place and how might current management be affected.  I suspect that a deal will get done and I don't see how Comcast can be involved unless they are willing to trade some systems to Charter for others.