Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is It Now The Actors Turn To Strike?

Hollywood has yet to learn its lesson. Freshly off a protracted writers strike that cost billions in exchange for pennies, comes the SAG union, eager to strike to prove their power. And while the deadline is months away, June 30, little is being done to start the process early.

The problem is that the folks that want to strike are the veterans with residuals coming in, regardless of the outcome. They can walk the picket line knowing that another check is sitting comfortably in their mailbox. Literally, getting paid to strike! For those without the resume and for the economy at large, that works around these strike makers, the cost is far bigger than the return.

If the writers strike proved anything, it is that the strike didn't lead to a better deal. The DGA got their deal without creating a nasty confrontation. Healthy negotiation is important, but it doesn't need the hostility of a strike to accomplish the end result. So SAG...stop threatening strike, start working on your new deal TODAY, and be considerate of the effect your actions have on others. Learn from the oh so recent history of the writers strike, and the more proactive, positive dealings from the DGA, and choose the smarter path! Yes you deserve to be treated fairly, but it means treating others fairly in return.