Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is Faster Access to the Internet Needed?

Does speed matter? As competition has entered the cable fray, the strategic plans being determined by each entity is how to best become the dominant, preferred choice. Telco vs Cable vs Satellite, each has unique advantages and disadvantages to bring to the market. In TV, satellite pushes more HD channels and in Direct TV's case, exclusivity with NFL.

As hi speed and TV begin to merge, and streaming content to different devices becomes more important, than speed can be used as a competitive advantage. But how quickly are the pc and the tv merging. And until that happens, can current speeds be adequate to satisfy the masses.

Each customer will have different preferences in determining which provider to choose. Today, HD programming appears most important. I believe more consumers are interested in purchasing HD tvs for their home than how fast their download stream is. And those other investments that may deliver more consumer satisfaction, may be tied directly back to the cable box and tv viewing. The faster the access to on demand, the larger the choice of standard and hi def programming, the opportunity to utilize more enhanced interactive features, may prove more valuable than how fast the download stream is to the pc.

Put the increased investment into the cable box with easier access to more choice on the TV. Create a cool portal that is consumer friendly, easy to navigate, with smart controls and flexibility, and the user will gravitate to it.