Monday, July 28, 2014

Will Apple's iWatch Embrace Mobile Payments

Given the strong ties between Apple and Disney as a result of Steve Jobs and Pixar, we continue to hear that Apple's forthcoming iWatch could include a commerce feature.  Similar to the Magic Bands that are being used in Disney Resorts, the iWatch could potentially offer similar features.  "Within the past few weeks we've been hearing a lot about Near Field Communication (NFC) technology coming to the iPhone and iWatch."  The start perhaps of being able to leave your wallet at home and to pay for goods and services with a flick of the iWatch and a security code. 

The success of the Apple iWatch seems to depend on it being more than what is currently on the market in the smartwatch category.  Time and heart rate monitoring aside, easier communication functionality, mobile payment features, and perhaps a self-winding feature that enables ones own movement to continue to power the watch.  The more functionality and ergonomic design, the better the chance for success.