Monday, September 10, 2007

CBS interconnects local affiliate sites to its interactive network

While the MTV side of the family employs a decentralized approach to its content and websites, CBS is going at it from an opposite direction and interconnecting its diverse family of affiliates to a central site for content.

I'm kinda partial to the CBS approach. A user looking for CBS content, say Survivor, is likely to utilize search for the show and be pushed to the CBS site. There they can find ways to localize their interest to their local broadcaster. I also think the synergy of a central site allows that user to learn about other shows of the CBS Family. In addition it is keeping the brand value inside the CBS brand. Unlike NBC and Fox's shared site, Hulu, and independent sites like iTunes or YouTube.

It's still about creating a well organized site with accessible search that intuitively understands the user and what they are seeking. It's also about all these sites working together to push the website brand. "Our collaboration with CBS Interactive represents another great leap forward in the evolution and continued growth of our TV stations' digital media initiatives," said Jonathan Leess, digital media group president and general manager, CBS Television Stations. "The expanded integration of CBS Entertainment, News and Sports video content into our sites and, ultimately, the sharing of hundreds of thousands of locally produced, on-demand news clips from our award-winning, local newsrooms truly makes this a win-win partnership."