Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kindle update

From Valleywag - great comparison!

Amazon creates Kindle for a Digital Read Experience

Last night on the train ride home, as I was reading my book, I noticed my seatmate trying out her new Kindle reader. And as a technophile, I was intrigued by its sleak look and its readability, even from my sideways angle.

And yet, I did not feel compelled to keep looking over her shoulder. As a fan of reading, I love the feel of a book. And I love the chance to share what I have read to others. In fact, my current book is a recommendation from my wife who passed on the book from her to me. I am thoroughly engrossed in its story.

At some point, books stack up on the shelves. Some are shared with friends and family. Some remain to be re-read and enjoyed again; others sent to the local library or book fair for others to enjoy. Is Kindle the reader that changes that dynamic? At some point it will. Chnage is inevitable; when did you stop using the yellow pages to get your business phone number and went to the web instead.

But I don't think Kindle is the answer to the book reader yet. In today's environmentally friendly world, it may make most sense to replace the daily newspaper or weekly magazine, which tend to be read and recycled quickly. But for now, I don't think the book reader will find Kindle advantageous.