Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where Have all the Newspapers Gone?

Just an amazing article in this weekends WSJ that highlights the rise and fall of newspapers. Success came to those that saw diversification and change and recognized new opportunities. Those that held on to old beliefs couldn't adapt. An interesting perspective on the change in reading habits from the evening paper to the morning news, the Walter Cronkite effect and the new readership in the morning with the addition of more female users. Ultimately, expense accounts get slashed as owners seek to improve the bottom line, no longer is first class travel acceptable, and soon the leak becomes a downpour as revenues drop as well. Reading habits continually change and the successful entrepreneurs look ahead to the new paths. Read Paul Steiger's entire article. Well written and eye opening.

The cable industry should pay heed to this industrial change. It too must adapt to technological change as video streaming changes how users receive their content. The cable line-up may simply fade away as the user ultimately decides how, where and when to receive its content. The cable pipeline may become measured in usage as customers stop buying separate cable packaging to make their pc their TV screen.