Tuesday, December 25, 2007

StumbleUpon + Wii = Killer App for New TV?

Wait...interactivity, TV, gaming, Wii. Having just bought a Wii for the kids, but not yet at the point of letting it do more than it was initially created to do, I have to say the Wii is great. Exercise for the whole body, not just the thumb or forefinger. My daughter is copying dance moves from Hannah Montana, my son, olympic sports with Mario. And while it is too cold to go outside and run around, the Wii lets couch potatoes become more fit.

Combine the game playing on a big screen TV with interactivity and social networking. Sprinkle in silly extra from You tube, an app I don' care as much about, and the Wii has the potential of being the giant killer. I'm wondering if Steve Jobs sees this opportunity and works his Apple magic into the plan. Macworld is less than a month away.