Friday, August 17, 2007

Taking a well earned week off for vacation!

High School Musical 2 Premieres Tonight

I grew up on Grease. The movie soared at the box office, and the record sales were through the roof. So Disney has hit the motherload, first with High School Musical, and now with its sequel, HSM2. My 5 year old daughter has become a tween because of HSM. It's runaway success, and how quickly Disney refocused its energy to maximize the synergy of this content is something the Harvard Business School should write a case study on. Its energy, story, and music appeals across generations.

No matter how many times the content plays on Disney, it gets ratings. It still sells DVDs, cds, clothing, merchandise, etc. And my family has a lot of it. HSM 2 will only keep this juggernaut going further. And Disney has capitalized with interactive content on the web and pushing across its other content. They have made the Disney Channel a must have across every home with kids.

My only surprise is with all the runs of the original HSM, it has yet to run outside Disney on ABC or even ABC Family Channel. While Disney doesn't air commercials, these other two networks would allow Disney to gain additional advertising revenue off the content airing.

Still Disney reacted very quickly when HSM's success exceeded all expectations, and that refocusing of their energy to realize additional business opportunities should be noted and applauded. No one expected this little movie to be the massive hit it became. Like other movies, it could have simply aired and been done. But Disney was willing to change its plans and move dollars to react successfully to the show's popularity. Not many major companies can adapt that fast. So, until HSM2 songs begin to be played ad nauseum, I'll stick with the first songs, after all, "We're all in this together..."