Saturday, October 27, 2007

Net Neutrality a Hot Topic

Inside sources continue to affirm that Comcast has been involved in interfering with hi speed downloads, most notably with file sharing sites like BitTorrent. And this story will continue to grow as I'm sure other ISPs will acknowledge that they do the same. As hi speed data subscribers continue to grow and data files get larger, as in more movie sharing across the web, the broadband highway will get too crowded and bit speed will slow. And while Comcast may be engaging in some shady work, their intention, to allow the majority of other smaller files, like e-mail to flow more smoothly, seems to be their intention. But net neutrality means that all files, no matter how big or small, get equal access across the web.

So either the internet highway has to grow larger to accommodate more traffic, or technology has to adapt to "zip" or "packet" these files into something that reduces the traffic congestion.

Comcast's disruption activity has merely exposed the bigger problem.