Monday, January 7, 2008

Comcast: Cable industry to standardize network in '08

Open platform. Certainly learning from the examples already set in the market, how open platforms expands opportunities rather than restricts change.

Let the TV do the work of the cable settop. Yes. the simplicity of one remote to navigate. Make the tv screen smart and put the guts inside makes me hope that on the plus side, the tv starts to act and work like a computer, allows wireless communication, syncs with the web and multiple applications, and creates a more user friendly experience on the big screen.

I only hope that the capabilities of the settop box are offerred without the inconvenience. Over the last year, I must have replaced our settop box 5-6 times. Most of the problem was in the DVR so I hope that as this new TV is created, the opportunity to switch out pieces that fail can easily be made. Otherwise, the TV will be a piece of wall hanging without functionality. Let the TV control other pieces of equipment hidden underneath. Let plug and play be the model for this open source, and let quality of manufacturing be enabled to reduce the dreaded service call to repair or replace.

I applaud Comcast's decision and look forward to seeing it become a reality.