Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nook Arriving; iTab Says So What

With Valentine's Day in a week (wait you mean Christmas is over) Barnes & Noble has announced that their e-book reader will finally be available at their stores. "Barnes & Nobles, based in New York, said it was shipping Nook e-readers to the majority of its stores beginning this week, with devices on sale in stores as of February 10." Great, but so what. Apple has just announced it's tablet, the iPad, and the Nook and others pale by comparison. Is the Nook's thunder lost? Will consumers buy or wait and see what is the ideal choice. Or wait even more for the next generation to fix the bugs and come out cheaper anyway.

With newspaper and magazine subscriptions dropping, is anyone thinking about packaging them in with purchase. The Nook should create a deal, with every purchase get a free one year subscription to 1 newspaper and 2 magazines. Price it into the purchase price and sell the low package cost. Help out an industry and perhaps in return get extra advertising and PR back.

I look forward to the future of e-book readers when they are made of flexible materials that can be rolled up and stuffed into a pocket. Size, portability, mobility, and convenience.

The End of The Jay Leno Show

Tonight, the 10 PM experiment known as The Jay Leno Show officially ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper. Unlike Conan, no intrigue, no build up, no increase in audience. So why risk anything. "Jay Leno is expected to take a low-key approach to tonight’s finale of “The Jay Leno Show,” which is ending after five disastrous months on the air." Why bother.

Let's hope that the Tonight Show will find its audience again. The brilliant commercial with Jay, Oprah, and David Letterman, makes one wonder why give credibility back to Jay. Perhaps Dave likes a good fight, or he is simply above it all to worry. At the same time, could it have been funnier with Conan?