Thursday, January 3, 2008

Multimedia - means multiple media

As we all wonder what new media means, the truth is that old media will not completely pass away. Radio did not die when TV emerged; movie theaters did not stop attracting patrons when HBO and Showtime offered movies on TV. And linear TV will not die because of the internet and streaming media. Movie theaters, Newspapers, magazines, radio, and tv all will survive if the content is compelling. But that also means adapting to change. Movie theaters add 3D, newspapers and magazines add compelling content and look at new distribution opportunities like Kindle, and tv prospers with good content and VOD. The internet allows more choice, and more flexibility, but it doesn't necessarily erase the old media's value. The key is to find the synergies, to allow one piece to support and enhance the other. Each asset can provide its own unique advantage, and technology can make it quicker, faster, sharper, and smarter. Embrace change, be willing to see the opportunity through the challenge and see how the pieces can actually fit well together, and not necessarily as separate and distinct.