Friday, September 7, 2007

MTV Niche vertical web strategy

MTV is employing a unique strategy creating unique websites that stand alone as content and tie in specifically to its related on-air content. So that for example, The Daily Show will get its own web site as opposed to being a link inside a Comedy Central website. This decentralized approach enables a more targeted experience but may be at a cost of less clicks to get to a site, but more time spent on the site and related content. It also remains to be seen how each of these individual sites connect to each other in such a way to keep the user engaged across other properties.

The bottom line remains the quality and quantity of the assets on each site. The example posted in the article with The Daily providing links to full shows has great potential for advertising revenue. Given the number of shows already produced, the search mechanism to find shows to watch based on guests, dates, stories, etc will improve usage as well. Its VOD for the web. I love it.