Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Amazon’s Kindle is Disruptive Technology

Amazon's Kindle should absolutely be classified as disruptive technology. While it poses a threat to print manufacturing and distribution, it is an opportunity to digital media. We also live in an age where Green is more than a buzzword, it is a necessity. That Kindle allows the reader to access newspapers and magazines, without using paper, which appeals to more and more people. And in a world of immediacy, it's wifi connection allows the reader to get the latest news and information.

Where Apple has the dominance in digital audio, Amazon may succeed as the dominant provider of digital print. Working in conjunction with equipment manufacturers to enhance these devices, the Kindle could spark consumers to not only get their digital print from Amazon, but to use similar devices to get audio and video. I foresee that application as the next real opportunity for Amazon and Kindle. The Kindle is easier to hold for viewing, resting comfortably on your lap or propped up on a table. It seems the obvious step for the next generation of devices.

I've felt that the ipod is a perfect device to access and listen to music, but its small viewing size may be a real disadvantage for video. The ipod is perfect for a pocket, the Kindle for reading and watching. It may prove that the Kindle device, adapted for video and audio, may soon become the more ideal device for mobile viewing of short and long form videos, and the must have device for every person.

In fact, Kindles might just bring back the "man bag" trend. We need something to carry this product.