Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Comcast Outage Outrage

Are you a Comcast customer?  Then you were likely affected by the outage of service.  It seemed to have started earlier in the day when Comcast business phone customers lost telephone service.  And this wasn't a localized problem; rather multiple markets coast to coast were impacted.  Yet, it was barely reported by media and the possible outrage contained.  One must wonder the economic loss of business that resulted from this outage.  Not for Comcast but for those businesses that rely on the technology to deliver. 

Those outages became personal last night when our cable, internet and phone all went down in the early evening, preventing us from enjoying the MLB All Star Game, and our connectivity to the world.  Our initial call to Comcast required multiple dials to get from automated attendant to a real service rep.  They knew little of the problem in the area and spoke like no one else was having any problems at all.  No matter how pissed off I might have been, it would not quicken the repair to our service.   We were at the mercy of Comcast. 

Our dependency to the internet is especially disconcerting. We are linked to it with every key stroke and despondent when we are cut off.  Luckily, our cell phones are linked to a different provider, enabling us to ultimately get connected and feed our fix.  But, the loss of service was a reminder just how dependent we are.