Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Problem With Expectations, We Are Usually Disappointed

It is human nature for us to make expectations prior to outcomes. But I think for the most part, our fiction is always greater than the facts. It is when we are caught off guard that we are most excited. So it comes as no great surprise that yesterday's Apple announcement regarding the next generation of iPhones was dealt with the same way, large expectations, and little satisfaction.

But dig deeper into the announcement and the additional features of the iPhone along with another distribution partner in Sprint will lead to positive long term results. The problem with being an innovator is that your are constantly expected to be innovative. Likewise, the problem with being a comedian is that you are always expected to be funny. It is why comics sometimes deliver dramatic results to surprise and hopefully intrigue their fans.

Same too with Apple. It's only way to top expectations is to do something surprising. These press announcements don't allow for it; they encourage early expectations to be built and then fall into rubble. No, Apple needs to figure out a way to surprise its "fans" so that when it makes its next announcement it is unexpected yet significant. Perhaps that is what is up Apple's sleeve.

Yesterday's announcement will be quickly forgotten as financial results for Apple are released. Apple has the products, the pipeline, and the backbone to deliver content to their devices. But they need to stay innovative and unexpected as Amazon, Google, and others are on their tail.