Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Phone with fold-away screen to launch in mid-2008

Size matters. And as we become more mobile and more green, the question remains which device works best to replace the traditional use of paper for newspapers, magazines, and books. Kindle, Sony Reader, even Apple iPhone are working to create a user friendly device that consumers might prefer. Now comes word of another venture into this space with the announcement of Readius, a mobile device with a screen that folds out to provide a larger viewing experience. And like the iPhone, this new device can also make a phone call.

Unless men start carrying a "manbag", it is only natural to expect devices that are small enough to fit into a pocket or attach to a belt, yet large enough to offer a realistic size screen for reading. As these devices get ergonomically more friendly, we are sure to see more interesting technological changes to come.

But the bigger question remains, will users prefer thses devices to a paper product that can be easily left behind or will they prefer to have their reading material synced to their reader. Time will tell.