Thursday, March 7, 2013

Has Facebook Gotten Boring?

Question, are you still a Facebook fan?  Do you go on as often as you did 6 months ago?  Are you posting as much as then?  Or have we all gotten a little bored with Facebook.  I ask because today another change is being made to the Facebook screen.  "Reports from various technology news sites expect Facebook to introduce a new image-enhanced version of the News Feed for the Web and for mobile phones"  And while they tell us that users are posting more, I am skeptical.

Perhaps it is because I represent an older demographic and I am seeing less postings from myself and my "friends".  I still check my Facebook, but I find myself doing it less and less.  I think it has become most useful in easily wishing others Happy Birthday on their special day.  But I have become less enthralled by it.  I just wonder if I am alone in that point of view.

I do like keeping up on my friends and their activities, where they are, what they are up to; but I feel that the clutter from suggested posts and other ads make it harder to get to what I really care about.  Sure I like to play the games through Facebook, but I don't feel the need to either share my score with the world or know what word a friend may have played in a game I am not competing with them in.

I may not be completely over Facebook, but any changes that only build more clutter may just turn me off for good.