Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can You Enjoy a Book on a Cellphone

Today's article really asks what will the device look like that consumers will embrace and will finally lead to a switch from print and paperback to digital reader. Is the blackberry or cellphone a preferred size to read more than emails. Are the Kindle or Sony Reader the right sized devices that people will prefer. On my recent airline trip, no one around me was using a reader. Most still had old fashioned newsprint. And in my travels, I have seen only one Kindle being used and no Sony Readers. They have not captured the consumers attention like the ipod and iphone.

But I believe that these digital devices are a natural progression. Perhaps it is price point, perhaps it is the mindset of buying and discarding the paper that has to be changed, but clearly, this generation is more concerned with saving our natural resources and a digital reader can do that as well as be the next "wow" device. I think if Apple got in the mix and created a reader that utilized the same screen touch application that the iphone does, Apple could have another winner on their hands. That is clearly what Amazon is afraid of, and Apple should see digital print as another avenue for growth.