Friday, August 13, 2010

Tivo Adds Distribution Through Cox

For Tivo fans on a Cox Cable system, you have another choice of set top box with Tivo. And the better news is that Cox and Tivo will enable video on demand through this service. "Cox expects to enable access to VOD for TiVo Premiere DVR users in early 2011 across all major markets, offering up to 15,000 hours of video. The companies touted it as the first time a cable operator will integrate its on-demand service with a third-party retail device." Great news for those that hate their current DVR and seek a better user experience.

Tivo needs these partnerships. With battles with Dish and losing subscribers, like me, forced to take a cable box for HD, VOD, and DVR, Tivo needs to be easily integrated in the set top box world. It is great to read that Cox has joined RCN to move down that road. Let's hope that Comcast pushes Tivo through its "test" over the too many years into actually offering it to consumers. And that Time Warner, Cablevision, Charter, and others add the choice as well.