Monday, September 22, 2014

Consumers Want the iPhone

Apple's latest iPhone incarnation, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, seems to have pleased its fans.  Already 10 million iPhones have been purchased and the phone has been out less than a week.  Also good news for Apple fans looking for more functionality, the operating system for it and older phones and iPads has been upgraded to iOS 8.  And while the Apple Watch has been announced, it will not be ready for retail till sometime next year.

So with all these new phone orders, I would love to hear how the iTunes and App store are doing.  Were these new phones sold to existing Apple customers, or did Apple gain new subscribers of their devices and new customers to their store.  I see their store as a money tree with easy opportunities to get larger revenue gains from customers needing content to feed their devices.  More phones, more tablets, more apps and downloads.  Add to that the new Apple Pay business, and Apple will profit from every transaction it services.  It is a business that keeps on giving and giving to Apple.