Monday, July 2, 2007

Live TV on cell phones better than you'd expect

So quick recap...the iPhone has been released - long lines, sold out, and only major complaint is that it requires the AT&T service to use. The FCC mandate has passed and waivers were granted.

Saw this article today and couldn't agree more. So what that the iPhone gets You Tube or that you can watch a movie on it. When its on-demand, I'll demand to watch it on a better screen, at home on the TV or PC. But when I am on the go, the video that most matters is what is on live and in the moment. Any sports game, I want to watch it live and if I'm remote, there's no better device to use than the phone. Just imagine even sitting at the game and turning to your phone to catch the replay and hear the analysts describe the action. News junkie and you can't live without Today or Good Morning America, let's watch it on the phone. Breaking news that may even buzz your phone to let you know to turn to it. Need your CNBC or Bloomberg fix, turn on the phone.

And this is why cable should offer a wireless component - so they can bundle digital TV coverage into the phone - HBO, SHO, local sports nets, CNBC, and of course the local broadcast channels - and give me a complete communication package, cable, voice, hi-speed, and cellular. But the cable MSO's better hurry, Verizon has the product and all they need to do is become better marketeers of their bundle - FIOS and Verizon V Cast mobile.

Live TV on the phone is what the iPhone needs and without it, the hype is short-lived. Add wireless to the cable bundle and that is a winning combination and that's my 2 ¢.