Saturday, June 11, 2011

Texting Out, Skype In?

I like to text. Short, sweet, to the point. And minimal time involved. But as the above article states, texting is not as popular as before. "Experts said that the rise of broadband Internet meant the end of SMS as consumers could use it to send messages for free." I'm not sure I agree with the assessment.

Certainly the rate of growth has slowed but that typically happens as a product or service becomes ubiquitous. But texting is still growing. Wireless industry trade group CTIA found that in the last six months of last year one trillion texts were sent in the U.S. - but that was the smallest gain since a decade ago." Yet, texting still remains a useful tool for communication.

Still, the web has given rise to other communication tools and each will find their useful niche depending on the level or intimacy of communication needed. Skype
will also grow, especially as smartphones enable mobile video communication. And as far as texting not being cool; perhaps not, but always useful.