Monday, March 26, 2012

TiVo Goes After Motorola And Time Warner Cable

TiVo must be feeling like a champ.  Soon after getting Microsoft to settle with them and with victories against Dish and AT&T under their belt, TiVo has set its sights on two more players, Time Warner Cable and Motorola Mobility.  With cash under their belt from Dish, TiVo may just be prepared for another protracted fight.  Whether these next patent infringement suits go the distance, or like Microsoft, get settled out of court, remains to be seen.  But given the victories coming from previous lawsuits, TWC and Motorola may be better off settling before the legal bills continue to mount.  And who knows, maybe TiVo is using these fights to get  geared up for an eventual lawsuit with Cablevision.

Apple's New iPad, Much To Love

I am an Apple convert.  It started almost a decade ago when we switched the family desktop computer from a Dell to the iMac.  Since then, we have embraced Apple in our home with the purchase of a laptop, iPods of different generations, iPhones, and now the new iPad.  In fact, when I touch a non-Apple product, like my office PC and blackberry, I shudder.

As for the new iPad, it is simply a joy.  While it may simply be an oversized iPod Touch, the screen is a perfect size for reading books, magazines, and news articles.  Game playing is more fun as is viewing photos and videos.   The laptop and iMac are still preferred for school work and other more pressing writing and editing duties, but the iPad is a wonderful edition to the mix.

What I like most is that data, photos, and other pieces of information that I put on one device is easily shared among the others.  For me, the iCloud effortlessly lets me share photos, calendar updates, and more among the family devices.  We share a family iTune account and I would love to learn how our iCloud accounts could be somehow treated as linked within our family.

As more and more consumers embrace the iPad, I am confident that those that haven't already, will switch from PC to Apple.  And as businesses embrace the iPad for their employees, they too will find that it makes more sense to replace their PCs with iMacs and Macbooks too.  And for Apple and its shareholders, that will only mean more good news.