Friday, June 15, 2007

Joost everywhere, embedded in hardware

Is Joost reading my blogs? I'm sure not, but I did write back on 5/31/07 and clearly stated that Joost needs to get into the cable set top box. Well now 2 + weeks later, it is being reported that Joost is talking publicly about this integration. A very obvious and natural fit. This is the ultimate 1000 channel universe, available through the television set, for a big screen experience. Apple TV should consider this an opportunity as well to replace the current version of a set top that cable operators use with a box that accepts the cablecard and OCAP platform and effortlessly integrates the web and tv. As there is no exclusivity of content on these other platforms, Apple TV has free rein to build a home page that eases our navigation. Look how well they manage iTunes! But lets get to the heart of what each of these services are trying to do, deliver an advanced user experience for content. Recognizing the need to work with cable and cable technology may help propel Joost ahead of the pack. But the race is only beginning and Apple, Akimbo, and every other platform with internet embedded video should determine their business strategy for integrating themselves into the big screen TV experience through the cable box or another device. And we still haven't heard a word from the two main MSOs, Comcast and Time Warner. They have a big say, too.