Tuesday, December 4, 2007

DVD Sales are Declining

When is the last time you bought a DVD? Like the cd and the music business, Video and the DVD are affected by technology. Should it be a surprise to anyone that DVD sales are declining. The rise of VOD, streaming, Slingbox, and even Netflix and Hulu means that the days of buying a disc are over. And those download streams are easy to copy and save a personal copy withour purchasing. The only dvds I tend to buy are kid oriented and soon will come the day that even those sales will slow down.

Unless DVD distribution finds enough of a reason to encourage buying, purchase behavior will continue to shift. DVDs do allow for mobility and can provide extra footage (deleted scenes, bloopers, commentary)that the rabid fan may fine important. The rise of the HD format may improve those sales figures, but the manufacturers have made it hard for consumers by coming out with 2 competing products; so except for the early adopter, the majority wait till one manufacturer goes away. Can you say Sony betamax!