Friday, October 21, 2016

Time Warner For Sale?

If content is truly king, then its no wonder a distribution company like AT&T might want to buy Time Warner.  AT&T, who is now also the owner of DirecTv and U-Verse, recognizes the value content, especially exclusive content can bring to the distribution model.  DirecTv's deal with the NFL to exclusively offer all games, especially out of market games, to its subscribers, has been a hit.  Cable subscribers would love the chance to buy that package.  Now its parent, AT&T, may have set its eyes on a bigger content prize in Time Warner, Inc.

Time Warner, owner of the Turner cable networks including CNN, TBS, TNT and others, as well as HBO and the Warner Bros studio, may just be soliciting bids for purchase.  AT&T may be a prospective buyer and obviously believes they are also a good fit, but will they pull the trigger?  And who else may now be interested in obtaining such a prize?  I content that Apple should also look to purchase TW; a deal that would immediately give them more leverage in advancing their Apple TV platform.  Perhaps Trump might want to buy TW after the election and turn CNN into Trump TV.  And you never know what Google might do to drive both their fiber rollout as well as their Chromecast product.

Is Time Warner really for sale?  Some believe the company is actually open to a sale.  And so is the stock market.