Friday, November 16, 2007

How many friends can you have

Terrific article in today's WSJ about the social networking phenomenon. And while business networking sites like Linked in may be more effective the larger your contact base, it, like Facebook and My Space, does lose its effectiveness as the number of "friends" increases.

At some number, those friends have to be divided into groupings - Best, good, and once in a blue moon. In the beginning, it's great to be linked to everyone, but as the number of contacts swell, I find myself not even looking at some of those friends updates as often. And as the article suggests, these sites are simply passive connections; real friends physically keep in touch.

So is social networking a fad or future. How we take back our lists and determine our core relationships from our secondary ones may impact its value. I just hope the sites don't inform you that you have been "DE - LINKED" or "UNFRIENDED"!!