Monday, April 14, 2008

Will Every Home get a Holodeck?

I marvel at Gene Roddenberry's vision. As creator of Star Trek, he had come up with some amazing ideas that have become reality. What started as science fiction is becoming science fact. Everytime I open my cellular phone, I think of the Star Trek communicator. So this article confirmed that another of Gene's ideas are moving toward actual.

The Wii player manages to bring the player into a physical interactive environment with the game. Second Life seems to want to mimic not only your hands, but your whole body's movements on the screen. The next step is to enclose all this action in a room to separate movements from the distraction of the outside room.

We already have media rooms and companies paid tons of money to create theaters in our homes. Big screen TVs, surround sound, comfortable seating. I say we are only a few years away from a company announcing that they will build a first generation holodeck room, with multiple cameras that enable you to feel and interact with 3D video in an enclosed space. It seems that Linden Labs is moving that direction.