Friday, June 6, 2014

Microsoft Fails Barnes & Noble, Samsung Succeeds

Despite an investment in Barnes & Noble, Microsoft seems to have done nothing to support its investment.  No connection between the Surface Tablet and Nook and no retail presence; its a wonder Microsoft got involved at all.  So it comes as a small surprise to see another tablet maker, Samsung, actually create a significant partnership opportunity with B&N.  "The device will be a 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 co-branded as a Nook with Nook's digital reading software already on it. The tablet will be available at Barnes & Noble's 700 U.S. stores in early August."  A terrific idea for both companies.  In fact, with such a large retail footprint, I hope that Samsung and B&N extend their partnership to include all Samsung products. 

Yet I am somewhat surprised that the news is about Samsung when Microsoft actually put real dollars toward working with B&N.  It can only be described as a real missed opportunity for Microsoft.  With Samsung now on board, I suspect that Microsoft is a lost cause.  And I am excited to see how the Samsung and B&N partnership expands. 

Aereo Keeps Pushing Forward

Aereo continues its rollout even as the Supreme Court of the United States decides its fate.  As broadcasters argue that Aereo has been stealing and reselling its signals, Aereo maintains that it simply lets consumers use its antennas to access free, over the air signals.  A negative court outcome could spell the collapse of the company, but Aereo is not slowing down.

Their latest move, availability in the markets the serve, on the Google Chromecast device.  "The move adds another significant Aereo player to a lineup that includes browsers for Windows PCs, Linux PCs and Macs, iOS devices, Apple TV and Roku set-top boxes."  At the same time, Aereo must be eager to continue its geographic rollout as well.  A favorable outcome will provide them with a ton of PR and brand awareness to drive subscriptions ahead.  And that ruling could come soon.