Thursday, June 9, 2011

Microsoft Mulls Messing With The iPad

Microsoft has done many things well, but has also missed too. While they have captured the PC market, they have missed in the mobile space, most notably with the KIN and Zune. So the latest rumor has Microsoft trying again in the tablet space to compete again with Apple. "Microsoft is reportedly considering to launch an own-brand tablet PC that features Windows 8 by the end of 2012 with cooperation from Texas Instruments and Taiwan-based OEMs/ODMs, according to sources from the upstream supply chain." With the exception of the XBox, Microsoft's recent track record has not been good.

Other tablet makers get close to the iPad, but no one has yet to surpass it. And truthfully, it is not just the device. Apple's real rainmaker is it's iTune store. With it's apps, songs, videos, ringtones, and other content, the iTune Store is the engine that makes the iPad and Apple's other mobile devices so special. Relying on the Google Android store is not the best solution for Microsoft. It is time for their uniquely branded solution. Unless Microsoft truly commits to a strategic plan, their rumored tablet will likely not succeed.