Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TiVo To Add Slingbox Feature

The Mercedes of DVRs is finally adding a very useful feature for the mobile consumer, a Slingbox-like feature to stream live and recorded programming to another device.  Do I sense a patent suit from Dish to follow?  Finally, an easy authenticated device that enables cable subscribers to watch their favorite shows or live sporting events when they are away from their home.  Cable MSOs should be embracing this new TiVo box as they promote their cable subscription, yet few have truly embraced TiVo.  Perhaps because they are an agnostic box, willing to work with any and all providers, cable, telco and satellite.  And that is why the big MSOs have not made it easy to add a TiVo box to the house or to enable it to also access the cable operators on demand features.

"TiVo will debut both products at retail, or through partnerships with multichannel TV service providers including DirecTV, Charter Communications, Suddenlink and the UK’s Virgin Media, later this year."  For those providers that do partner with TiVo, this new Slingbox-like feature is a great added value.