Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Virtual Reality Is For Porn

We recently saw the show Avenue Q, a slightly risque musical parody of Sesame Street, first produced on Broadway about 15 years ago.  In today's NY Post, we learn that Oculus VR, now owned by Facebook, sees its next growth opportunity through the porn business.  Not an unlikely combination.

It seems that new technology has often found its early adopters through the porn industry.  The rise of the VCR brought many new owners for its easier access to porn videos; the rise of the internet has also been directly connected to the online connection to porn as well.  In fact, in Avenue Q, a popular song is based on this very fact, "The Internet Is For Porn":

The show may now feel a bit dated, but perhaps its rewrite could have this song changed to "VR Is For Porn" instead. According to the Post, "VR porn videos already number north of 1,000 from professional studios alone."  That compares to only about 30 games available for release.  It may seem a bit titillating, but the success of VR may seem to find its initial success as a result of this connection to porn.  We will wait and see.