Sunday, November 11, 2007

Writer's Strike, Who Benefits, Who Gets Hurt

Some may argue that the writers strike actually benefits both the writers and the producers. For each continues to have alternatives to make money while the strike continues. For the producers, some have argued, that the strike enables them to fire all, cut costs, and get a do-over. Some believe that they are so disappointed with this year's crop of new shows and some old ones, that they can clean house,and use reality and news to offset their loss. For the writers, shows that are in the can and being aired new or in syndication, the writers, and even actors, continue to receive royalties. So the income continues to come in. Thus no need to settle early and leave potentially lucrative new sources of income on the table.

So who gets hurt, first all the behind the scenes people, who work tirelessly to make the creative side look good. They have been the first laid off, without a layoff package, potentially without healthcare, and truly with an uncertainty whether to wait out the strike and hope to be rehired or seek other employment. It is a no win.

The viewer loses, but not nearly as much. Unlike the last writers strike, there are new opportunities to view old shows missed the last time, or start watching their dvd collections or further embrace web based programming. And so the crux of the writers motives. Viewers, writers, actors, producers will all survive. For production and back office, it is another story.