Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Another Paid Streaming Service Joins The Mix

If you thought that cord cutting could save you money, think again.  The rise of so many streaming digital services could find yourself one day paying more for content then you were paying for cable.  With Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix each wanting you to pay $10 a month for their exclusive content, you can add a premium version of You Tube called YouTube Red.  Priced also at about $10 a month, do we see a price point that all these services like to reach, "YouTube Red will allow users to surf the site completely ad-free, across multiple sources, from desktop to mobile. Original programming and movies will also be available to YouTube Red subscribers, beginning next year. " This according to today's Multichannel News

And the more content you want, the more you will pay.  Last week, NBCU announced the launch of Seeso, a digital streaming content service that will cost about $4 a month.  It will include NBC shows as well as some original comedy content.  You might also decide you need HBO Now to assure you are receiving Game Of Thrones and other HBO content.  That will set you back another $15 every month.  If you like that, you may decide to add Showtime Now at $11 more a month.  And while Disney doesn't have a pay streaming service in the US, they are just announcing one to launch in the UK, per Variety.  And while there are still a number of free video content services, it is easy to see that the more content we want, the more we have to pay for.  Sorry, no bundling in the world of digital streaming. 

So lets add up what we know.  Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu costs $30 a month for all three.  YouTube Red is $10, Seeso is $4, HBO Now is $15 and Showtime Now is $11 for a total of $70 a month for the 7 services.  Add your favorite music streaming service, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and watch your dollars fly out of your wallet.  Our cable bill could one day look like a steal.