Friday, October 3, 2008

IPhone Stanza Downloads May Top Kindle Sales

Apple iphone users love their phones. As new apps emerge, their value to their users increase. One such app, Stanza, turns the phone into an e-book reader, capable of downloading reading material on the go. And as their are more iphones than Kindles in the market, it makes perfect sense that this free reader has surpassed Kindle sales.

Short term, it shows the appeal of the iphone; long term, it demonstrates that their is real appeal for devices that can download written content for immediate consumption. Whether that device is the Kindle or another device that Apple creates, it still needs to be a screen large enough to read, but portable to carry, capable of presenting text and pictures in a full range of colors, and with a long battery life. And content is king; "And Stanza only offers books in the public domain, unlike the wide variety of reading matter available via the Kindle, including newspapers, magazines and bestsellers."

I'd love to own an iPhone; my problem is still with the primary function of a cell phone, to make and receive calls. Today, the AT&T wireless network in the NY area does not compare to the Verizon wireless network. I made the switch a few years ago because reception was so poor. I am still not impressed that their coverage has improved. It's time to make the iPhone available to all carriers.