Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reading the Kindle with Your Morning Coffee

Perhaps what it will take for devices like the Kindle to truly succeed will require newspapers themselves to put their support and promotion behind them. As the pros and cons of this first generation of readers become more apparent, next generations will obviously be created to exceed all expectations. And financially, the Kindle may prove the economic preference, especially in a slower economy. "It also makes financial sense. A combined year's subscription to the Times and the Journal costs about $880. The combined purchase price of the Kindle, plus a year's worth of subscriptions to the Kindle editions—granted, not quite an equal product—amounts to a total of only $647, a savings of $233 in the first year. Assuming all the prices stay the same, the savings climbs to more than $500 in the second year. Plus, there's no delivery person to tip at the end of the year."

Its upside is convenience and ease of use, the downside, like most electronic devices is the need to keep it charged. And as we continue to hold onto so many devices that require constant charging, we need a common charger that can work with multiple devices, but thats a discussion for another day.