Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CondéNet Uses Facebook to Draw Users, Ads

From Media Week: "In June, CondéNet acquired from an independent developer a program called What Are You Wearing? that lets users alert friends about their daily sartorial choices. The app, which is not CondéNet-branded, has landed over 90,000 users thus far, adding 1,000 per day, according to executives."

What a great idea and one that other brands should emulate. CondéNet is attracting like-minded consumers with a common interest through Facebook and helping to increase their interest and passion. What is missing from this set up is the synergy to a CondéNet brand. Shouldn't these like-minded users be a perfect fit back to the site. They have discovered a passionate audience and their are creative ways to make them more mindful of your brand.

This tactic of using social networking sites like Facebook and My Space to grow a passionate audience harkens back to the days of building grassroot members. The web makes the process that much more efficient and effective. And other brands should seriously consider this method to reach out to its passionate audience.

When Does a Social Networking Site Know Your Not Being Social

Just wondering... What happens when you stop using a site you've registered for. You tried out your own Brightcove Channel, you posted a few photos on Flickr, you registered an avatar on second life, you built a My Space page, and then you stop visiting the site. Are you still counted as a member? Is your site still considered active for metric info or ad sales purposes? How long do you continue to exist on the web before someone or some program notices that you are inactive and finally deletes you from the web. And while all this stuff is virtual, the memory it occupies is real and could be better utilized.

And so the easy answer might be, is to be proactive. Unsubscribe from the respective sites and delete the information. But what happens if you die first, leaving so much clutter. Does your Facebook info stick around for 10 more years? Just wondering...