Wednesday, September 4, 2013

TiVo Seems Ready for IPTV And The Cloud

Great news from the TiVo camp on their partnership with Entone.  "The agreement appears to represent TiVo’s first that will factor in potential cloud DVR services. Last week, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said his company doesn’t care whether DVR storage is based in the cloud or in the home, but still believes that local storage still hold some advantages."  It also clearly shows that TiVo is following the trend toward more IP based and OTT content opportunities.  There is clearly more push toward IP based distribution and this partnership will foreshadow the direction the cable companies need to proceed.

What To Expect From Next Apple Announcement

Apple is prepping for its next announcement on Tuesday and speculation of its agenda goes from big to small.  Will they finally announce an Apple television set or will the next new thing finally be the apple iWatch?  With Samsung preparing to announce its own smartwatch, Apple might need to as well or be seen as late to the party.  There are others don't expect much more than the planned upgrades to iOS and the next iteration of the iPhone, with cheaper prices and multiple colors.

And what about the Apple TV set top box that has been around for some time but not nearly as popular as other set top devices.  One news article suggests that a new upgrade is coming to the device with more functionality and additional streaming video partnerships.  Could this be enough to increase demand for the $99 box or will a price cut also be in the strategy? 

I think Apple has more potential working with their set top box then trying to build a TV set, especially as cable and broadcast networks remain firmly in bed with cable operators.  We are a decade or more away from a time where serious cord cutting has enough impact that consumers are buying TVs with direct connections to broadband services.  Consumers have become increasingly comfortable with boxes sitting on top, on the side and even behind their TV set, providing additional controls and ergonomic features.  In fact, I think it might be smart for TV manufacturers to go the opposite route and build a monitor only big screen device that requires the functionality of a third party box as its brains.  One less remote to clutter the coffee table and a better consumer experience. 

For now, it is one week till the next Apple announcement. Let's enjoy watching its stock price rise and fall on speculation and expectation.