Monday, July 11, 2016

Video Snacking To Drive Revenue Growth

We are about to get overwhelmed with tons of short form video content as the long tail of video consumption is about to get longer.  In today's NY Times, Tronc, once known as Tribune Publishing, has revealed their plans to increase video content 1000% daily.  And other online publishers are following this trend.  With video content attached to every online article, the hope is that more viewers will stay on the page longer, click the video, watch the ads, and continue to snack on other articles and other video content.  A very sound strategy.

Whether the content is created specifically for the page or linked via syndication or other means, the direction is clear.  More video snacking with content that connects with the viewer should create a better user experience.  And hopefully drive online revenue higher.

Two online companies, Wochit and Wibbitz, seem to have the means to quickly and efficiently link content to articles.  "The two services’ automation features work in similar ways. They analyze, and may summarize, text, be it a script or a traditional news article, and then automatically find photographs and video clips to go with it." Whether users find the additional content useful to them or simply clutter may determine the long term viability of these services.  But done right, the use of video on the page should be good news for these content companies.