Friday, July 13, 2012

Should Passwords Be Obsolete?

News that someone has stolen passwords and that your identity and information has been compromised have unfortunately become commonplace these days.  And the solution is always the same - change it, make it stronger, use different passwords for different sites, etc.  But most of us have a hard enough time remembering 10 different phone numbers let alone all the different passwords we are supposed to use.  So we come up with solutions; we post them on the wall in our office, we use simple passwords like "password" or we write them in a  document.  No matter what, they become compromised, either by the companies that require them or our own doing.

So why not make authorization something else, a fingerprint, voice recognition, eye scan, or some other means that identifies us without typing in a password. Is it even possible to make accounts impossible to hack without some safeguards in place?  With passwords proving more and more untrustworthy, it is clear that an alternative is needed now.