Friday, January 28, 2011

Linked In to Go IPO

LinkedIn is surely a terrific networking tool. I am constantly surprised the connections and information it has enabled. Like the Kevin Bacon game, it helps us recognize just how close we may be to another, especially in a job hunt and business development world. And it is those relationships and those connections that help to develop new ones.

So it is no surprise that such a business tool should find itself ready to go public and capitalize on such value. "LinkedIn Corp. plans to raise as much as $175 million in what’s likely to be the first public offering for a major U.S. social-networking site." Can incremental revenue continue to rise through subscription, advertising, and other means? Will users continue to upgrade to paid subscriptions and can advertising break through the clutter? Certainly those buying this IPO would believe that their is far more growth ahead. In a bad economy LinkedIn has done well; will it also prosper once the unemployment numbers decline? That it has multiple revenue streams is a huge plus. And for now LinkedIn is an amazing business and job search tool.