Saturday, July 9, 2011

15 Billion Apple App Downloads and Growing, Step Aside McDonalds

Remember the good ole days when McDonalds would announce on their signs how many burgers were sold and eaten. As the chain grew, so did the numbers till finally the signs simply said, billions and billions sold. Well it seems that may soon have to be the case with Apple. "It has seen 15 billion downloads from 200 million iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users. In other words, the average iOS user has downloaded 75 apps." And as the number of Apple devises sold only grows, app download number will only grow at a faster and faster rate.

Sure a good number of those apps are free, but their value makes the hardware only more necessary. Lots cost less than a dollar, probably what a McDonalds' hamburger costs today. Add all the songs and videos that this same devices also download, and a healthy little business has been born.

15 billion and growing exponentially until very shortly it will be larger than the population on the earth. And pretty soon it will be Apple that says, "billions and billions served".