Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Netflix And Comcast Are Now Frenemies

In a not so surprising move, Comcast and Netflix have found a way to cohabitate.  Comcast customers that have the latest set top box, the X1, in their homes will be able to watch Netflix on their TV by simply switching to the Netflix channel.  Previously, users would have to switch inputs from the set top to another box, their Chromecast, Apple TV or Xbox, before accessing their Netflix subscription.  One less step, but for those looking for simplicity, an important one.

So why did Comcast agree to let Netflix in the front door?  Perhaps they recognized that Netflix was not the reason folks dropped cable.  Perhaps by being customer friendly, Comcast sees customers take full value of their cable subscription.  Perhaps it provides a bit of revenue or maybe even some additional research into the minds of their subscribers.  And perhaps they realize that set top boxes may one day be history and best to get some incremental value before it is too late.

Regardless, the press has reacted quite positively the news.  I suspect that customers will as well. And a happy customer may just stay a Comcast customer.