Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tivo, Wii, PS3, XBox - Should we bring back the console

Just a few thoughts. Does anyone remember the stereo console. We didn't buy components like a receiver, cassette player, tuner, etc; rather, we bought the all-in-one player that could do anything in one box.

So I am wondering, is it time for some of the above devices to combine and morph into something bigger. How many plugs can you put into the back of your tv set before you have to manually keep switching from pulling out the DVD plugs to insert the Wii. Should Tivo incorporate a Wii into its device and offer video and game downloads? Should the device also be your cable box, too capable of getting all your digital channels and VOD? Would you rather have one real expensive box or multiple less expensive ones? It seems that some combination of the right boxes might make for a very marketable next generation box. As each of these boxes individually become more interactive, they become duplicative. And those tangle of cords in the back of the set will get problematic. The combination of technologies may lead to an even better consumer experience.